Contractor Management

For comprehensive risk mitigation, consideration must be given to the entire contractor management cycle

Contractor management must take into consideration the entire contractor management cycle, this should include contractor capability assessment, the onboarding and pre-qualificaiton stage and the the ongoing qualification cycle. Many organizations unknowingly assume that once a contractor or supplier has been qualified and awarded work that the process ends there.

To ensure accurate, cost-effective contractor management in today’s complex regulatory environment, companies need software and service solutions that do more than just automate manual processes. They need to implement industry-specific best practices, and support to maximize efficiency while ensuring quality the of contractor safety

In order to accurately minimize risk and have the assurance you are looking for, site operators must be prepared to consistently monitor documents such as insurance certificates, licenses and training records for data expirations. Equally important is ensuring that you have the resources necessary to communicate those expirations and program requirements so they can be addressed by your supply chain.

BROWZ has created a robust contractor management solution, with strategic service components to address these needs. We proactively reach out to supply chain members before documents expire to ensure your data is current and accurate. This allows you to make informed business decisions.

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